Please submit up to 5 poems using a single file. Please do not submit poems individually.

Unsplendid is a triquarterly online journal that accepts poetry written in received forms, which include, though not exclusively:

Sonnet • Villanelle • Sestina • Ballade • Rondeau • Pantoum • Ghazal • Tanka • Heroic Couplets • Blank Verse • and more

Please see Lewis Turco's Book of Forms for a more exhaustive list of forms we will consider. 
        We welcome translations of poetry in traditional forms, as long as the translator holds the rights to do so (unless the work is in the public domain). 
        Nonce, or invented, forms, which we define fairly loosely, we are eager to see as well.

We are willing to consider simultaneous submissions. If you need to withdraw a poem from consideration, please email us at, rather than withdrawing the entire submission from Submittable. We will note the change in your submission in the notes we write to each other concerning your submission.

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